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Username:charlie2006, 39 years
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this was taken on 1st august 2010 jayden's christening
hi there im 29 i have 3 sons and 1 daughter and big family i love. I have a lovely baby girl Lisha Lea born on the 18th feb 2009 and lovely baby boy Jayden Rhys George born 7th march 2010 and also lovely baby boy rhyley Joel born 7th july 2011. i love her to bits a hug to vixen my mam and siddy my step dad, my other son stevenjones6 and devil06 my sister , hunt_cub my brother, my little sister vixen*cub*, foxylady , baby_vixen and pikey a good mate of the family. If you play stevenjones6 at all he is only 9 yrs old and does try but if he talks to you in mumbo jumbo plz let me know ty big hug to some of my friends on here eg Tulaaa08, Maayke , kokomojoey sh@dowdance rubyangel grim icenz marswana Guiness USA mojo mario pettern TeToVo kittyinny , scottyboy and many more love ya all bye for now charlie2006 (tanya)
i love your profile. it's beautiful and would love to be on your friends list. i will remember the things u had to say so wonderfully! tyvm for sharing them. we need more like ya in this world guys! all my love ann!
hiya !! Merry Christmas to you both!! May the fish be with you!!!
hi ya hun
just wishing u and ur family a merry christmas and a happy new year
lynne & kayleigh xxxxx
Hey hun ... I wish u a very happy birthday and have fun and a lovely day tc xxxxxxxxx
lol love the pics.. so funny.. luv ya hun tc xxxxx
Hey Charlie glad to have you as a friend your a really sweet person dont stop being like that
hugz to you too hun u are adorable :)
I like your profile and your homepage. very nice. The pics are good and the music i can listen to all day.
Cool profile Charlie !!!!
charlie you are awesome!! best wishes to you and lamper and your son this year hope its the best one yet!! one day i might beat ya in a game lmao --(i doubt that will ever happen unless i pay u to throw the game!!!) hahae keep on rocking---tell lamper ill cut the grass--make ice trim the hedges!! ahhahaha dena your soon to be auntie!
Hi ya sweetie, wish u and jay all the best in ur life hun .. Jay is lucky to have ya ;)and i am glad i got to know ya xoxox :):)
hey charlieeee :-D always enjoy lookn at your pics :-P vn, ps. tell lamper the lawns arent gonna mow themselves

hola dear... ty for your words..
You are a sweet sweet lady, who spend the time here, for make all be happy..tyvm!
hi hun gr8 profile nice chatting to u hun ya a gr8 girl take care love lisa xx
there u go u got a gb off me now will u quit moaning at me about gbs please lmao na luv ya with all my heart jay xxx :)
bawitaba da bang da bang diggy diggy diggy said the boogie said up jump the boogie!! hey charlie, am glad you a part of ob :-D enjoy laughs that u share, thankyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Nice profile hun, very nice poem =) Wish you and Jay the best and all the happiness in the world! You're a very sweet young lady, now if only I could beat you or Jay at puzzle ;-) lol Take care hun =)
hey that is good did u make it up by urself???

hi charlie
Your profile looks really great!! I like it very much..) Your poem to lamper is awesom!1
luv ya usa :)
good profile hun love the pics congrats xx
hiya hun, Congratulations 2 u both :) u r both great people aslong as u dont beat me at puzzle :P lol, bye for now hun take care luv janet x
Congratulations to you both!!! Best wishes always!! I am soooo happy for you :) Very nice pics hun...I always enjoy coming and checking out your profile to see the changes you have made. You are very creative hun.....Talk soon!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Congratulations huni, love n best wishes to you both xxx
Cool pics!! I love the tiger . Thanks for all help helping me become a td. You are a great person and an awesome td. Love you!!
welcome to my family hun and steven to big hugs to you all.
allmy love foxy
Nice profile hun! Love being in your tourneys and having you in mine =) Take care!
Tanya your profile is splendid. Like you very much and hope to play a lot of toernements under your leadership. Always have fun with you and you know why...lol. See you soon. Elly
I think this is the sweetest profile I have seen. I love your picture you are beautiful. Very nice Love Debbie
hey gffffffff
kewl profile
you and your family are the kewlest to me and others
loves ya
thanks you for all the fun and being a good friend take care
loves ya