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Tyler's younger Brother was a Paul Bearer for Tyler. I saw a young man turn old that day. The Emotions that ran through so many of us was so raw and painful. I wrote this poem for Evan. These boys were my babies.
That Final Stretch
(From Hearse To Grave)
Today was the hardest day of your life so far. Ripping at your Heart and no doubt leaving a scar.
Seeing how bad your Mother is hurting and knowing you can not ease the pain. Your Heart is so broken and you wonder if life will ever be the same?
That Final Stretch will play over and over in your head, Carrying your brother with so much dred. Wanting him back here, alive and not Dead. That Final stretch from Hearse to Grave.
Looking from one Paul Bearer to Another, Wishing it were a dream. He was your best friend; Together the two of you a team!
You search for a way to make it untrue, to stop these horrible grief stricken blues. You would try anything if there was nothing to loose.
That final stretch will always be with you. Carrying your Brother was the right thing to do. That Final Stretch from Hearse to Grave.
Just last week you were carefree and wild, no worries to recall. Today you feel as if you have lost it all. Your young mind trying to speed out of control. What do you do next? You Really don't know.
That Final Stretch etched deep in your mind. You'll carry this weight for a very long time. That final stretch from Hearse To Grave.        
In Loving Memory of
Tyler E. Jackson 
Tyler is my Great-Nephew, my first Great one :) A beautiful baby and georgous young man. His life ended on June 15th 2010 at 6:30 am. He drowned in the murky waters of Markle Mill Dam, an old mill that time and people negelected. A place where public swimming should be banned. Below is a pic of Tyler, those Electric blue eyes, that boyish charm. Tyler Aunt Mary misses you horrible and I Love you  ALWAYS! Rest In Peace Baby.
I just want to say a very special thanks to First the owners of OB, Because of you my last days have been filled with love and kindness from so many wonderful people from across the globe.
And to RoHoGirL, Andrea, Cissy, Vonda, DesertTD, Jake,  Steve, Sadies, Cinny, Gizzy, Reta, Summerbreeze, Aussie Angel, Angel, Birdyyyyy, Block, swt, Steph, Vicki,  Marly, Mary, Nanci, ub, renee, icy, hay, hugs, gym, Fabs, Spankee, BlueButterfly, tbear, Kimmy, sandygrl, only4, golfer, only4,       (the gentleman who offered to help pay for my HD restore), xxxxDxxxx,  Kara, AngelFalls, samsarah, blueeyedgirl, onlymek and so many other wonderful people. Please take no offence if I didnt name you, you still are in my heart!. You have put footprints in my heart that I get to take with me. and I Cherish you. God will bless each of you for the kindness you show me.Im sure of that. Love from my Heart and a sincere thank You.
Death is not an Ending, but a Begining to No more pain and suffering and no more hunger or needs. It's a Blessing
When I wake each day and God has granted me life I know he has greater plans for me on this earth still.
I have to let go of my hurts and dissapointments and follow his will.
When I see my friends and share my thoughts and thiers too. Its then that I know im loved.
Kind words and laughter can make a world of difference to someone.
I must say that What I will take with me when I pass, is Your kind words as Footprints in my heart.
Thank you all for the Kindness and support.
Often times at home there may be none. I do hope I have and Will touch your life in a Possitive way too.
God Bless and lots of Love
The Pics below are me, My Great Neice Destiny Modeling, My Great Nephew Tyler (RIP)
hello hunni i think u r beautiful on out side and even more so on the inside love u loads xxx
Indi...you'll always always have a special place in my heart. Your the kindest person I know! Hugssssssssssss~!
aka Sadies
to such a very wonderful and speical person that has touch so many hearts...you hang in there hun god is with you...and may god bless you and ur familly...kisses and huggs...im here if you need a shoulder to lean on..

love always

SS for your loss hunni , i will light a candle for your family and you on the, http://www.gonetoosoon.org/ website, love you lots, and im here if you need a chat hun x x x x x x x x x x x
hey girl you keep hanging on we love ya bunches
Hi MOM!!! i finally joined woo hoooo! now we can play together :) i love you huggles!!
Indi, you are such a sweetheart. Know that I love ya dearly, and as I have said before, I will miss the crap out of you, but I will know you are in a better place, where you can breathe, and are pain free. Your grand daughter is beautiful. Much love, hugs, and prayers going your way...... xoxoxo Spankee
dear mary
close your eyes and go to sleep
there is no need for you to weep
your journey now has come to end
others now, your flock will tend

know that in this moment
your surrounded by love
it'"s time to hear tha calling
from God in heaven above

all my love hunni andrea
although your thanks are to us all, I can only say that i owe you many thanks. You have given so much love to others. your love, kindness and positivity, has touched me in such a way, that you will remain forever in my thoughts. Love Maggie xxx
i am so sorry for what is happening to you i don't know you but i feel like i do...may god bless you and your son......you will be in my prayers.....
My brownie lady:-) what can i say, you a great friend, your funny, u make me laugh so hard i cry. I always look forward to see you sign on ob. You have touched many hearts here, and im sure will touch many more....I luv ya girl, my prayres and thoughts are with you always xoxoxox
P.S. I need that brownie recipe again!!! rofl haha
omg hunni im so sad to hear this but keep fighting hunni your in my prayers love you andrea
wow you are so beautiful and even more have a beautiful heart that will help you get through all of your tough times god bless you and my prayers are with you
i hope you back soon hunni miss ya loves andrea
indi i wanna say thank you so
much for your very sweet words
they mean alot and i hope
its really a pleasure to have met you
and to know theres some sweet and beautiful ppl out there
xxxx luvs steve xxx